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Bus and School Plans in Case of Sever Weather or Emergency:


**NEW to the Infinite Campus Portal! Place money on your child's lunch account using VISA, MasterCard, or eCheck! Check it out now using the Infinite Campus Mobile App (shown below) or on a computer using the link below.

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Parents,  our one-to-one technology initiative has been an outstanding addition to our instruction program throughout the Cloverport School District.  We will from time-to-time send you reminders to make sure we are all working in a partnership to keep our students safe and on-task during the school day.  Please make sure that if your child has a cell phone, iPad, or iPod, that you regularly check the types of emails or texts that they are sending or receiving.  If you allow your child to have a “Facebook” account, please look at the time of the day they are making posts.  We do not allow any “Facebook” activity during the school day, so if you see a post or message during the school day, then they are not following school rules for the use of electronic devices.  Also, please check your child’s photos or videos that may be stored on their electronic device.  This helps maintain a safe environment and allows you to see or be aware of what they are doing on the internet.  The school will also be randomly checking school issued electronic devices.  If you are not sure how to check your child’s device or “Facebook” account, the history of what they send and receive, as well as how to access any pictures or videos they make, please contact Nathan Moore (Director of Technology) at the school at 788-3388 or e-mail him at and you will receive assistance.  Thanks for your help and support. 






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